When it comes to running a business, you can’t just wing it

A business plan defines your business: how it stands, where it’s going, and how you plan to get there. It’s an essential part of starting up your business, and those who try to dive right in without a plan quickly learn that winging it isn’t the way forward.

To help you avoid this common mistake, we’re here with ten key reasons why your business needs a business plan. Let’s take a look.


Finding out if your business is feasible

Coming up with a good business idea might feel difficult, but it’s actually the easy bit. You then need to get it off the ground and turn it into an actual brand that can survive.

Anyone who has started a business will tell you that there are always hurdles and obstacles involved.


Laying out milestones

Without milestones, it’s easy to get lost in a particular task or challenge. By setting yourself key goals and milestones to aim for, you’ll be able to stay focused and make sure certain goals don’t fall by the wayside.


Getting an idea of budget

Projecting your finances is a key part of starting a business, as it lets you ensure you’ll be able to keep up with operating costs while still turning a profit.

Of course, there will always be unexpected expenses when starting your business, so reviewing your finances regularly is another good idea.


Recognising (and prepping for) obstacles

A business plan helps you identify flaws and obstacles before they become insurmountable, allowing you to prepare for them in advance and avoid a difficult situation.


Knowing your customers

Understanding your customers allows you to deliver the very best services, tailored to their needs. So incorporating customer analysis into your business is critical, helping you identify your target market. Planning gives you the structure to gain insight into your customer’s behaviour.


Checking out your competitors

Like customer research, knowing your competitors is a vital part of finding your feet as a new business. Understanding your direct competitors enables you to establish what sets you apart from the crowd, mitigating market risk. It will also give you some ideas of how to improve your marketing and messaging, so be sure to factor this into your plan.


Measuring success

A business plan is an opportunity to not only set goals and order your strategy, it will also provide you with a document from you which will later be able to measure and analyse your business success. This gives you the chances to consolidate, identify weaker areas and measure your business progress, all of which is vital for setting future objectives and avoiding pitfalls.


Attracting clients and partners

A business plan can also act as a pitch, giving you a guide if you ever find yourself in the situation of addressing potential investors or partners. Giving the impression that you have a plan in place is important, as the less risk for partners, the more likely they are to hop on board.


Raising capital

If you intend to borrow money as a business, either in the form of an investor or a business loan, then a business plan isn’t just useful, it’s a necessity. And even if this isn’t something you intend to happen to your business, it’s good to have a plan in place just in case.


Aligning your goals

Are your business strategies aligned with your company goals and objectives? A business plan is the way to find out. It’s somewhere that can house all your goals, visions and tactics, giving you a clear picture of your business past, present and future.


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