Many of us are having to get used to long-term remote working, and this can present its own set of challenges

The COVID-19 crisis has created an unprecedented business culture, and one which is constantly throwing curveballs and challenges at employers and employees alike. We’re all having to get used to a new regime, and for many of us, this involves working from home.

Remote working comes with its own unique hurdles, but one thing you may have noticed is that you’re feeling more tired than usual. How can this be, when you don’t have a morning commute or office conduct to worry about?

We’re going to explore this issue in more depth, as well looking at the issues remote working can throw up for employers and workers, and how to combat them?

Why does working from home make you tired?

Simply put, the main reason you may feel tired or less motivated when working from home is that your usual routine has been disrupted. From setting ourselves sleeping and waking times to putting a clear divider between work and rest, a schedule is key for helping our minds and bodies understand when we need energy and when we don’t.

Working from home blurs the line between working and not working, which can make finding the motivation more difficult. Chances are you’re spending more time looking at a screen, and are experiencing a more disrupted sleep regime and eating habits. All of these things work together to make you feel more lethargic and less get-up-and-go.

And on top of all this, we’re all feeling much more anxious than usual. The coronavirus has created a great deal of fear and uncertainty about everything from health to job security, and this stress is sure to impact how rested we feel.

What challenges does working from home present to businesses?

Alongside this tiredness, remote working can create other issues for business owners and employees alike. Increased tiredness can mean decreased productivity, but working from home can also make important business factors like communication, sharing and data protection more difficult to get a handle on.

Staff will need to be kept up to date with regards to what they are and should be working on, with regular updates and encouragement to help ease their anxiety. Thanks to sharing platforms like the Cloud and communication platforms like Skype, working from home doesn’t mean the total isolation that it would have 20 years ago, but it can still feel harder for employers to keep tabs on everything that’s happening within their organisation.

How can you tackle these obstacles?

Making use of technology platforms like Microsoft Teams and Google Drive makes things much easier for employers. Through these kinds of tools, you can see how your team members are getting on and what projects they’re focusing on.

In terms of tackling tiredness, setting yourself a strict routine is key. This means going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, and following the same meal plan you would have done when working in the office, with a clear lunch break during the day.

Communication is more important now than ever

More than anything else, communication is key right now. Employers have a duty to check in with their employees to make sure they’re coping with what’s expected of them and the situation overall. Encourage your team members to talk to each other too, and share ideas on projects they may be working on together.

Communication is important both for business growth and your own personal wellbeing, so make sure physical isolation doesn’t turn into emotional isolation.


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