As society shifts and changes, so too do the wants and needs of today’s employees. If you run an organisation and want to ensure that you’re doing right by your team then read on.

The past few years have seen huge changes in the way we conduct and think about business. From the COVID-19 pandemic to the impact of Brexit, many organisations are still finding their feet, and employees are reassessing what’s important to them as they navigate their way into an uncertain future.

So now is the time for business owners to reflect on what’s important for their staff members going forward. What exactly do employees want in 2022, in the wake of cataclysmic change? Here are some of the most important factors to consider.

Employee wellbeing

As a society, we’ve effectively moved past the point where employee wellbeing is seen merely as an employee benefit. Wellbeing is a chance for employers to support staff members in all aspects of their personal and work lives. This includes physical wellbeing, as well as emotional, financial, social and career wellness.

Companies like Hewlett Packard have taken this onboard with their HP Spirit Program, which includes health and wellbeing apps, educational resources for working parents balancing school learning with a career, and job sharing for select job roles.

In recent research by Paychex and Future Workplace, 62% of 603 full-time workers identified wellbeing benefits as a key factor in deciding whether to apply for a new job, and this was especially true for Gen Z.

Hybrid working

The COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses around the world to reassess their fundamental structure, investing in new mindsets and new tech in order to support a remote working model. But now that many offices have opened up again, employees aren’t interested in going back to the way things were before. The freedom and flexibility of home working has numerous benefits, from childcare solutions to being able to apply for jobs in far flung locations.

Yet a fully remote model isn’t ideal for employees either. Today’s staff members want the best of both worlds, with hybrid working solutions that provide the flexibility of home working alongside the comradery and community of an office space. The solution? Hybrid working.

Accenture’s most recent survey found that 83% of workers prefer a hybrid working model, while research from the Harvard Business School reports that workers regard having the freedom to work from anywhere as a key benefit to a job.

Of course, not all sectors and job roles can be completed on a hybrid basis. But where it is feasible, employers can often make themselves more appealing to employees by offering flexibility through the working week.

The right business values

Eight out of 10 employees say it is vital that the values of their company align with their own, according to research from Future Workplace and Blue Beyond Consulting. They conducted a study which resulted in the Employee Expectations Gap; a graphic showcasing the different levels of importance given to key issues by staff members and business owners.

Employees and employers were asked to state how important certain issues were to the workplace as a whole. The results were as follows:

Pay equality – Employees 86%, Business Leaders 72%

Workplace discrimination – Employees 85%, Business Leaders 78%

Racial Justice – Employees 74%, Business Leaders 67%

Economic Inequality – Employees 74%, Business Leaders 67%

LGBTQIA+ Rights – Employees 63%, Business Leaders 55%

By prioritising these important issues, business owners can further align the values of their organisations with those of their staff members. The research further found that 75% of workers expect their employer to be a force for good in society, and this percentage rises to over 80% for those under 40 years of age.

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