It’s that time of year again when those around us are planning a summer holiday or simply a weekend break to get away for a few days. We wait all year for a few weeks in the sunshine or maybe we feel we simply can’t take time out of our business to go away?
Summer holiday time is an excellent opportunity to stand back, recharge our batteries and take a fresh look at our business.

Many of us make New Year resolutions following our Christmas break. However, how many of you make mid-year resolutions? Returning from a summer holiday is a great time to review your resolutions or make some new ones! It’s a good time to take ‘time out’ to review your business and target areas for improvement.

Despite using the break to refocus it is extremely important to completely remove yourself from your business. Many of us are guilty of going on holiday physically but not mentally. It is very difficult to switch off completely, but it is important to try, and when you succeed, you will return to the office feeling refreshed and re-energised.

It is commonly accepted that stress levels are rising. It is therefore important to take a break and many experts believe the benefits of a longer holiday, say one, two or even three weeks is far more beneficial than two or three days here or there. After all, it may take you a few days just to relax and wind down. This is particularly true at a time when more of us are suffering from a blurring of the edges between work and home. New technology means that we are never out of touch with the workplace and it takes real will power to ignore the ping of the e mail and the flashing light of a message coming through on the phone.

Just because you are sitting at your desk or on the businesses premises, you may not be benefiting the business. It is easy to become fatigued and stale in our work.
A good question to ask is “would I rather give 70% for 52 weeks a year or 100% for 47 weeks?

A well deserved break should be classed as an investment for your business and it’s important to remember to take a break and re-charge your batteries. It’s an excellent opportunity to clear your mind, sharpen your perspective on the business and increase your energy levels.

Many small business owners who operate as one man bands often find it difficult to close the business while they escape for a week or two. However, there are often solutions to this problem. Many of us have business contacts who may be willing to take messages for you whilst you are aware, especially if you are willing to return the favour. You could also inform your customers before you leave so that all orders are fulfilled in good time. You may wish to delegate responsibility to another member of your team or even a family member.

Don’t fear the impending holiday season, turn it to your advantage and enjoy the break and if your busiest time is during the summer, then take a break at another time.