Being a local business and working for yourself in the North East is rewarding and challenging. Succeeding in your chosen sector or service is something that you should be proud of.

There are numerous awards for all sorts of business sectors which crop up throughout the year. They have their merits and are worth striving for.
However, the uptake rate for entrants to awards can be quite low.
Why is it that we are afraid of blowing our own trumpet and being proud of what we have achieved?

Awards and events celebrate the success of local entrepreneurs and business people, as well as encouraging and inspiring others. Consider for a moment that you can be a powerful ambassador or role model for other business people.

Award recognition is great for raising your profile and getting people talking about you and your business with the resultant raised levels of publicity and PR. You can also increase your chances of winning new work by promoting yourself as an award-winning business.

It is an excellent opportunity to show that you are the best among your competitors. Winning an award can act as a 3rd party endorsement when it comes to sales. It also helps you to stand out from others if you decide to tender for new opportunities. A study of over 600 corporate award winners revealed that they had 37% more sales growth than non-winners, food for thought?

It’s also about being part of something, celebrating and encouraging people to go out there and achieve what they want to. Its hard work being self employed and you should feel proud of working for yourself.
It is something that a lot of people would love to do!

There are numerous awards for all sorts of business sectors which take place throughout the year. For example, the recent regional finals of the North East Business Awards which recognised achievement,encouraged excellence and celebrated the success of some of our regions hardest workers. Businesses were praised for showing excellence in anything from innovation and creativity to best environmental practice.

Winning an award is great for staff motivation, after all everyone loves to be part of something successful. As awards tend to attract the best businesses and business leaders this will bring enhanced networking opportunities for you and your team.

It’s also about being part of something, celebrating and encouraging people to go out there and achieve what they want to. Its hard work being in business and this is a great opportunity to reflect on your successes and show the talent and innovation here in the North East.

There is a huge choice of awards to apply for in business whether it’s regional, national or international acclaim you desire.

Take the opportunity to assess what it is you excel at in business – is there anyone outstanding in your team or have you achieved more than you ever expected?

Go ahead and blow you own trumpet, if you know your business is brilliant then everybody else should too. Share your success, make sure you answer the questions and adhere to the success criteria for your chosen award category.
You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain – Good Luck!

Success Stories

“With the Virgin StartUp loan in place to fund the renovations and equipment, I am now absolutely delighted to be able to start welcoming the first visitors to Inclusion Archery. I hope it provides a new facility for budding archers to give the sport a try.”

Steve Ward - Archer, Entrepreneur

“TEDCO helped me strengthen and tighten up my ideas into a robust business plan. They remained a positive voice throughout. Their support gave me the confidence that I needed to push on, secure the vital funding through Virgin StartUp and turn my dreams into reality.”

Simon Laing - Cullercoats Bike & Kayak, Entrepreneur

What we offer

TEDCO offers one-on-one support provided by a dedicated team of business advisors and a range of pre start seminars available to clients who are taking the first steps into self-employment. This could be looking at an initial idea and developing it further, looking at how to start a business plan, business competitors, business marketing.

Are you eligible?

Business owners must be at least 18 years old

Business owners must have a developed, clear business idea

Businesses must be UK based

Business owners must be UK residents

Businesses must have been trading for less than 2 years

Latest News

Latest News

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