From wellbeing to productivity, here are our top tips for a beneficial workstation

With COVID-19 restrictions finally relaxing, many business owners are now welcoming their staff members back into the office, at least on a part time basis. But after a year or more of remote working, you may feel the pressure to change things up and start afresh.

Now is the perfect time to take a good hard look at your office environment and make smart changes to your workspace in order to start this new phase of your business with productivity and wellbeing at the top of your priorities.

The smallest changes can make the biggest difference, which is why we’re with our top tips on how to make the most of your office as you begin to welcome your team back into the fold. Let’s take a look.

Bring the outdoors indoors

A connection to nature is key in any environment. After all, studies show that the presence of plant life in a space can improve productivity, focus and positivity, while also reducing anxiety and fatigue.

So make sure you have a few touches of greenery in your office, whether that’s a desk plant or a larger potted plant. Flowers and plants can make the air itself feel fresher, boosting energy levels each and every day. Natural light is also hugely important, as relying wholly on artificial light for long periods of time can make your employees feel more tired.

Tidy office, tidy mind

Nobody likes a cluttered home, so why do we let it slide when it comes to the office? Cluttered surroundings can make us feel more stressed and overwhelmed, with studies from Princeton University even concluding that physical clutter hinders productivity in the workplace.

Organising your office can reduce feelings of stress for both you and your staff members, giving you a blank slate to fill with the items you actually want and need. A good rule of thumb is this: if you don’t use it every day, store it somewhere out of sight.

Clip cables and wire ties are also a great option when it comes to improving the look of loose cables.

Create different sections

Those working from home are often advised not to work in the same place that they rest. In other words, working in front of the TV or in bed might sound great on paper, but it’s not actually a good idea in terms of productivity and work/life balance. Well, the same rule applies in the office.

Encourage your staff to get out and about on their break, even if that simply means moving to a different part of the office, away from their desk. Decorating your office space with different zones in mind – those for work and those for play – is a great way to keep your employees feeling energised throughout the day.

Add a pop of colour

Colour is about more than making things look snazzy. In fact, research has highlighted how different colours can evoke different psychological responses. Blue is associated with calmness and relaxation; yellow is thought to evoke positivity; green is good for focus and energy, and so on.

And this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to redecorate the entire space. Even a pop of colour in the form of a bright cushion, plant or piece of wall art can be enough to reenergise a space and bring a bit of excitement back to the office.


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