“The great leaders are like the best conductors – they reach beyond the notes to reach the magic in the players” Blaine Lee.

As business owners or managers, it is often very tempting to take complete control of your business, but do you need to? Even the most effective people need support. There can be tremendous gains in sharing some responsibilities with members of your team…..that’s what they’re there for!
If you have staff working for you, are you utilising their full potential? Maybe not. Do any of these situations sound familiar?
• you seem to be always working late
• you spend a lot of time dealing with trivial issues
• your teams’ motivation and morale is low
• your staff feel undervalued or bored

Delegation – management staple or an art form? Effective delegation will bring with it many rewards. It will allow you to take a step back from some aspects of the business and free your time to focus on the matters that really do require your attention. It could also improve the efficiency of yourself and staff, develop the skills of your team and increase their motivation as they feel more valued.

Of course, there are certain things you may not want to or be able to delegate such as recruitment, pay issues, appraisals etc and it is important not to view delegation as an excuse for offloading the work you don’t want to tackle.

Remember that by delegating certain tasks, the responsibility for ensuring they are completed efficiently and effectively still remains with the owner or manager. Therefore, it is very important that the right person is chosen for the job.
So how do you it? Well, first you will need to identify a suitable member of the team for the task. Different people have different skills and abilities so it isn’t a one size fits all approach. Then you must prepare the member of staff so they are aware of what is expected of them, but don’t stifle their creativity by being too controlling. The person will then need to be monitored, supported and encouraged to develop their own approaches to problems. Finally, it is important to acknowledge success and reward a job well done.
Many employees thrive on new challenges and in being made to feel important to the business and to colleagues. You may well identify a star in your team who has gone unrecognised, go ahead and make the magic happen.