Make sure your productivity doesn’t plummet as a result of a bad mood with these simple tips

Transform work day

You’re only human, so it’s natural that some days you’re going to feel more ready, willing and able to complete your work tasks than others. The hustle and bustle of the daily grind is normally easy enough to get through, but some days it can feel like a lot more effort is necessary just to make it through your to-do list.

Whether you’ve slept in, you’re feeling under the weather, or you’re simply not in the right frame of mind, it can feel impossible to turn a bad day around. Suddenly every little thing feels like a crisis, and your to-do list isn’t getting any shorter.

But don’t worry. Instead, try these five tips to turn a bad work day into a good one.

Tackle work-related stress head on

Job stress is the most common form of stress among the adult population, with 65% of workers saying they suffer from work-related worry. One third of people also say that their work stress is “chronic”.

So what can you do about it? First thing’s first, don’t avoid your work problems as they’ll only get worse. If it’s a colleague or a client at the root of the issue, talk to them. If it’s your workload, start with a few simple tasks to get in the groove of productivity, then set yourself realistic deadlines for larger tasks.

For business owners the stress of work can be heightened because there are so many considerations and constant concerns to be juggled. If you are struggling to balance all of the commitments that come with running an enterprise, it’s always important to break down a big problem into more manageable chunks.

This process often starts with writing a list and then prioritising the tasks that are most business critical. And remember that talking through challenges is also incredibly helpful if you feel you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. It may be a family member or friend that you can turn to; or perhaps consider speaking to one of our own business advisors at TEDCO.

If you’re under the weather, allow yourself rest

The same is true if you’re feeling sick. Even the most productive among us fall ill from time to time, and there is no use trying to push through if you’re really suffering. In fact, you’ll probably just end up making your symptoms last longer. So take some time off to get better.

If you do have to work, take it easy and bring the necessary supplies and medication with you. If your symptoms worsen, let someone know.

Avoid co-worker politics

Office politics isn’t just a common cause of stress, it can also seriously affect your productivity. So when workplace drama occurs around you, try your best to handle them with empathy and sensitivity. As a business owner it is likely that you will need to manage staff disagreements or differing opinions at some point. Handle these challenges correctly, however, and you can often bring your workforce closer together and help to build a stronger team ethic. Showing a willingness to listen and respond when necessary can help you create a better environment for everyone.

Communicate with your staff constantly

There’s nothing worse than a team that is disjointed and unable to share information effectively. As a business owner you set the tone for this and you should always aim to communicate effectively – whether it’s passing down work to employees or simply sharing good news about new business wins.


Working towards your passion makes every day a good work day, and that’s exactly what happens when you start your own business. Let TEDCO Business Support help by giving us a call on 0191 516 61 02 or by emailing us at