Forging a strong bond with your customer base gives your business the solid foundation it needs for long term success

Businesses of any size, and in any industry, must connect with their customers if they want to survive and grow. Without the all-important brand–customer relationship, you can’t hope to reap the rewards of a loyal, returning customer base. This leads to more work and less reward.

Your relationship with your customers depends largely on how your business presents itself, and how available you are to deal with queries and concerns. We’re going to take a closer look at some of the key steps all businesses can take to ensure that your customer connections are meaningful, transparent and rewarding for all involved.

Target hearts as well as minds

While customers are initially drawn to brands by great offers, quality services, fair prices and other logical benefits, it’s the heartful content that makes them stick around. Customers like to align themselves with brands they can be proud of, with factors like philanthropy and sustainability becoming increasing important to today’s shoppers and service users.

Make it clear that your business has heart and soul, as well as practical benefits. Are you a family-owned brand? Do you give back to your local community? Tell your story and let your audience get to know your brand on a personal level. This will make them feel more connected, and less inclined to shop around elsewhere.

Make use of social media

Social media is the bridge that connects customers directly to the brands they love. They can reach out directly to you, and you can respond directly too. It also gives you the chance to show off another side of your business with various kinds of content, from photos and updates to questions, quizzes, polls and more.

Social media is where you get a direct insight into what aspects of your business your customers are responding to most. This allows you to tailor your content to suit the interests and requirements of your customer base, keeping them on board.

Be available

Whether it’s via social media, a live chat, email enquiries or contact forms, customers like to get in touch with the businesses they use. The feedback and concerns you get from them are unlikely to be wholly positive (many shoppers only reach out to a brand if they have a problem or complaint) but it’s important to still be available when these comments come in.

If you make a habit of responding to any issues from your customers, you’ll earn a reputation as a brand that genuinely cares for and looks after its shoppers. This is all part of making your customers feel important and valued from the offset.

Develop a brand voice

When you meet someone new, you use the way they carry themselves to paint a picture of who they are. The same is true for brands. Customers want to get to know the companies they shop with, just like they would with a person. For them to be able to do that successfully, you need to develop a clear brand personality that you can utilise in every piece of content you put out.

Create a brand voice that feels natural to your business. Are you a fun-loving team that appeals to a younger audience, or a group of reassuring professionals that offer clarity and expertise in their content? This decision will help you set the foundation for establishing what your business is and who it’s for.


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