Environmentalism is the issue of the age, and every business has a part to play

Starting your own business is a precarious juggling act. Between perfecting your products and services, creating a marketing strategy, hiring the right staff and keeping all your finances in order, it’s all too easy for some things to slip through the cracks. And for many new companies, one of these overlooked factors is sustainability.

However, anyone who isn’t currently living under a rock knows just how important environmental issues are becoming in modern society. From politics to protests, there’s never been more pressure on companies to be green.

Celebrating sustainability can open up all sorts of doors for businesses. We’re going to show you how and why your business should go green. Let’s take a look.

Take steps to ensure that your workplace is as efficient as possible

The first step to using sustainability to your advantage is to actually become a sustainable business. Make sure everything about your brand is as green as possible, especially your workplace. Start by cutting down on the easy stuff by going paperless and avoiding disposable plastics like cutlery.

Then you can start taking larger steps, such as installing smart meters, switching to energy-efficient bulbs and investing in lighting systems that automatically turn off when no one is present.

Office behaviour is also a key factor here. Promote recycling in your workplace and make it easy for team members by providing designated recycling bins.

Being flexible with your business and allowing factors like remote working mean your team won’t be using up energy in the office every day. It will also lower your carbon footprint by cutting down emissions for those team members who drive in.

Brand your company as a green business

Once you’ve actually invested time and effort into becoming a green business, you can start shouting about it. In today’s society, consumers are more scrutinising than ever about the environmental impact made by the brands they choose. In fact, 86% of consumers want businesses to stand up for social issues like environmental issues, and 64% are more likely to buy from greener businesses even if they cost more. As such, 95% of today’s CEOs see sustainability as key to business success, according to Forbes.

Being able to justify your business as a green brand gives your company an edge, so make sure you let people know. Use email marketing and social media to show how and why your business is caring for the planet. You can even take your environmentalism one step further and get your business involved in simple green activities like tree planting.

Bring your team together with sustainability

Making your business as environmentally efficient as possible is something everyone in your team can contribute to. A strong team spirit is particularly important for start-up businesses, which can all too easily experience conflicts and rocky patches in their early stages.

Sustainability is a great focal point as its something everyone in your team can be passionate about. It’s a cause that will bring out the best in people, and allow everyone to share their green ideas on an even playing field. You could even offer rewards and incentives for stand-out feats of sustainability.

It’s no longer enough for going green to be an afterthought for start-up businesses. It’s a fundamental part of your success.

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