A recent survey of 28,000 workers found seven traits that make the perfect boss

What makes a good boss? This was the question posed in a recent study by the Cass Business School in the University of London. In their survey of over 28,000 employees, they uncovered seven key traits that defined what makes an employer liked and respected by their team.

Being popular with your team isn’t just important for moral reasons – it can actually benefit your business too. Happy employees are more productive employees, and team members who respect their seniors are more likely to stick at a job, meaning higher retention rates and less time spent training up new staff.

With that in mind, here are the seven factors that make a good employer.

A boss who respects you as a person

It’s simple but it’s true. Bosses who take the time to show interest in their employees on a personal level are more respected and admired. Little habits like showing up late for a prearranged meeting, walking past without saying hello or looking at their phone or screen while a team member is talking can all give the wrong impression when it comes to respect.

A boss who provides useful feedback on your work

Too many employees see feedback as a box that needs to be ticked, according to employees. If a team member completes a piece of work, it’s important that bosses take the time to provide feedback that’s specific, sincere and timely. It doesn’t have to be completely positive feedback, but it does have to be honest and constructive.

A boss who helps you get the job done

It’s not enough for an employer to simply delegate tasks and then step out of the picture. Good bosses should check in with their team members as they work, in order to determine whether they are facing any barriers. If they are, it’s up to the employer to help them get round them.

A boss who praises you when you do a good job

Some bosses only provide feedback on work when something needs changing, but positive affirmation is just as important as constructive criticism. By celebrating milestones and accomplishments, bosses can engage with their team on a personal level and show them that they are valued. Again, it all comes back to respect.

A boss who encourages your development

Every employee wants to work in an environment that will support personal growth, learning and career development. Feeling unsupported can leave them feeling listless, and makes them more likely to ask questions like: “Is this really the right role for me?”

A boss who helps and supports their workers

Employers should aim to help all their employees, and part of that means following their own advice and projecting the mindset they want to see from their team. When speaking with team members, bosses should be positive, energised and supportive. Every interaction is an opportunity to help employees go further with their tasks.

A boss who gets people working together

Particularly in larger teams, it can be harder to create a sense of camaraderie between employees. More often than not, workers have little to do with each other and simply get on with their own tasks inside their individual echo chamber. The best bosses will try to breed collaboration within the workspace, as this maximises productivity and can make the workplace environment more enjoyable for everyone involved.


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