Show your profiles some love and get your customers talking about your brand again

Social media has transformed the world as we know it, and with Social Media Day taking place on 30th June, there’s never been a better time to reflect on how you can use social media to elevate your brand.

It’s easy to fall into a rut when it comes to business socials. The pressure to post regular content can stifle your creative desires to think of new and exciting posts, causing you to fall back on the same old stuff. But by thinking outside the box and coming up with fresh ideas, you can kickstart your social media profiles and get people talking about your brand again.

With that in mind, here’s how to give your social media strategy a new lease of life.

Videos, videos, videos

From TikTok taking over the world to Instagram and Twitter introducing Reels and Fleets respectively, video content has never been more necessary for brands looking to get noticed online. These tools make it easier than ever to edit, cut and post video content that reflects your brand, from funny and relatable behind-the-scenes content to short videos shouting out the benefits of a new product.

The social media algorithm is tailored very much in favour of these new video platforms right now, so be sure to hop on the train and get filming.

Make use of shopping options

The number of people shopping online exploded during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the trend has never really slowed down since. E-commerce is a huge plus of social media, with platforms like Instagram introducing designated shopping tabs for people to browse through products that the algorithm thinks they will like.

A digital storefront creates an even playing field for even the smallest businesses – all you need to do is offer a product that people actually want to buy and show it off in an appealing and engaging way. Create a reel that shows off your bestseller and tag your website in the post, creating an easy user journey from browsing to buying.


Collaborating with another social media profile can effectively double your audience, or increase it even further if you manage to find a collaborator with a substantial following. This may be a business that also operates in your industry, or an influencer who’s willing to shout about your product to their followers in exchange for getting to try the product for free. Try sending out a few DMs to users whose brand fits well with yours, and see if you can create some magic.

Reintroduce yourself

If it’s been a while since you were last present online, don’t be afraid to draw a line under your profile and start afresh with new branding, a fresh look and a post reintroducing yourself and your brand to the world. This also gives you the chance to repurpose any older content you posted that might be worth saving and updating.

People like to get to know their brands on a personal level, so consider showing off the faces behind the business. This is also a good way to form a stronger bond with your following, making them less likely to shop elsewhere.

Meme your brand

Last but not least, don’t take yourself too seriously. Memes have become the universal language of the digital world, and popular meme formats are a great way to poke fun at your business while slyly showing off your services and products. It’s also a good way to make your brand more approachable for prospective customers.

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