With 10 million people involved, this movement shines a light on businesses around the world

Every November, for seven days, Global Entrepreneurship Week celebrates organisations of all shapes and sizes, removing barriers and welcoming all. And 2019 is no different.

From 18th to 24th November 2019, Global Entrepreneurship Week will be hosting more than 35,000 events across 170 countries, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. The initiative offers business owners in all industries and at all levels of success that chance to connect with a vibrant ecosystem of peers and gain recognition.

Here’s what you can expect from Global Entrepreneurship Week 2019. Make sure you don’t miss out!

What is Global Entrepreneurship Week and why is it important?

With tens of thousands of events, activities and competitions taking place, every year Global Entrepreneurship Week inspires millions to explore their potential as a business owner and form connections and collaborations that could last a lifetime.

The world needs more entrepreneurs. A diverse industry is a more exciting industry, and this is exactly what GEW aims to encourage. Since its launch in 2008, GEW has expanded to more than 170 nations around the world, with 20,000 partner organisations.

Global Entrepreneurship Week aims for universality, offering a spotlight to those individuals and communities who have traditionally faced barriers to entrepreneurship.

GEW 2019: Education, Ecosystems, Inclusion and Policy

This year, GEW is celebrating four distinct themes, highlighting businesses and organisations which promote, encourage and support the development of entrepreneurs within each of these four areas.


Education is the first step to successful entrepreneurship. It is there to inform and expose people of all ages. Communities can make this necessary education accessible through many different routes, from learning centres to colleges to vocation opportunities and more.

GEW Education wants to encourage the creative environments necessary for sustainable business education. By sharing resources, raising awareness and providing training, GEW is putting the tools in place to foster entrepreneurship.


Entrepreneurship works best when voices from all communities and locations can be heard. GEW aims to facilitate collaboration and partnership between start-up ecosystems in mid-tier cities as well as those with already high levels of success. Sharing knowledge and networks across different locations and industries is key to helping rising businesses thrive.


At its best, entrepreneurship can be a positive force that drives innovation, creates wealth and improves lives in communities. However, not everyone has the same opportunities, and this is a key focus of Global Entrepreneurship Week. This week will also highlight the work businesses are doing to knock down barriers for entrepreneurs, creating opportunities for those who have been prevented from achieving due to race, age, gender or location. Activities, workshops and speakers around the world will shine a light on this issue, discovering solutions through success stories and training.


Entrepreneurs lead start-up communities, but it would be naïve to ignore the fact that governments play a huge role in helping them succeed. GEW will highlight the work of policymakers and governments which help entrepreneurs everywhere and from all backgrounds get started and keep growing.

GEW Events

All this week, events are taking place across the UK and the wider world which shine a light on all different aspects of running a business. From understanding social media to the power of networking, GEW gives you the chance to demystify the elements of entrepreneurship which you find most confusing, all while making new connections along the way.

Click here to discover events taking place in your city.

Get Involved

With so many exciting events, activities and workshops taking place, what can you do to get involved?

You can join the Global Entrepreneurship Network. This is a great way to connect with a large network of entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, researchers and other start-up champions in your area and around the world.

You can also find an event near you, or even create your own. Tell the Global Entrepreneurship Network about events you have planned during GEW and reach new audiences.

You can also get in touch with the organisers behind GEW in your country, and find out more information.


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