Looking to drum up more interest in your business? Start with great content

In today’s business world, it is practically impossible to find success if you aren’t incorporating online channels. The world wide web offers businesses an enormous platform for spreading word of their services, products and benefits, but the sheer size and complexity of the internet can make gathering support online feel like an impossible task.

Thankfully, it’s not as difficult as you might think once you know where to start. And the best place to start is with the content your business is putting out. A great company blog can make your business seem more active, engaged, knowledgeable and trustworthy to passing custom, which is why 82% of businesses now say that blogging is critical to their businesses.

So to help you make the most of your business blog, here are seven tips to bear in mind.

Keep it consistent

It might be tempting to create and upload all your content in one go so you can tick it off your list, but research suggests it’s much more beneficial to stagger your content so that you’re posting more regularly — such as one post a week rather than four posts at the beginning of the month followed by radio silence.

Include keywords

You don’t want to post quality content that nobody reads, so you need to find ways to help people discover your blog. The most effective way to do this is by including keywords to help your articles rank with Google and other search engines. This is known as SEO (search engine optimisation) and it involves including words and phrases in your content that interested parties are likely to be searching for. You want to keep it general enough to fit with a lot of searches, but not too general that you’re pitting your content against 100,000 other online articles.

Think about length, but not too much

Most experts suggest that online content should be at least 300 words long, while one study by Impact found that the top 10 search engine results contained articles over 2,000 words. Other experts however, state that between 500-800 words promotes the highest levels of readership. In the end, make sure that quality is your first consideration and quantity a secondary one.

Incorporate visual elements

Research suggests that individuals retain 65% of information when visuals are paired with written content, compared to just 10% when content doesn’t contain any visuals. Try to include images, videos or infographics in the majority of your content.

Listen to your customers

You may have strong ideas of what you want to write about, but it’s also important to listen to what your readers are saying, as their queries, comments and even their complaints can act as a goldmine of blog topics. This is how you know you’re creating content that your customers will actually want to read.

Invite ouside contributions

Writing a high quality business blog takes up a lot of time. Between thinking up topics, writing the content, uploading it and promoting it on social media channels, it’s all too easy for blog maintenance to eat into your daily schedule. You may also find that you’re running out of ideas of things to write about, which is why an extra pair of hands and a fresh pair of eyes should always be welcome. Include a section on your website inviting people to write for your blog – they may come up with great content you’d never have even considered.

Look to the sider industry

A blog stops being engaging very quickly if you only use it to shout about your business perks and successes. Instead, scatter your own business news amongst wider industry happenings and advice relating to your services. If you’re a property developer, create posts with interior design advice, or updates on the property market. This will convey the impression that your business genuinely cares about its customers.


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