The delivery giant is seemingly unstoppable, but is there a place for smaller brands in the Amazon Kingdom?


When it comes to online shopping, there’s one name that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Amazon – the behemoth of deliveries; the supreme overlord of worldwide purchasing. The retail giant has been on an unstoppable rise for years now, decimating the competition and dominating the online shopping market around the world.

And yet, things aren’t all rosy for the brand. Recent calls to ‘Boycott Amazon’ in the wake of reports of staff mistreatment and Jeff Bezos’ unfathomable wealth have led more people than ever before to open their minds (and their purse strings) to smaller businesses selling wares online.

If you’re a small business, there are things you can do to stand up against the likes of Amazon. Think David and Goliath, but with fewer slingshots and more marketing savvy.

Here are 6 ways to compete with Amazon as a small business

Find your niche

In order to carve a space for yourself alongside Amazon, you need to establish what makes your brand different. Why should someone come to you rather than Amazon? Do you offer products that can’t be found anywhere else? Is your service particularly outstanding? Are you a local business with a story that tugs on the heartstrings? These are the kinds of questions you’ll need to ask yourself in order to work out what makes you special.

Work on a brand

Similarly, you’ll need to establish what kind of brand you are and what audience you’re trying to attract. Businesses need to go out of their way to ensure that they leave an impression on their customers, and for that, good branding is key.

If your brand were a person, who would they be? Would they be young, energetic and fun, or experienced, reliable and soothing? Once your know yourself, it’ll be easier for your customers to get to know you too.

Offer personalised services

Amazon is convenient and offers plenty of choice, but what it doesn’t offer is a personalised service. This is where smaller businesses have the upper hand. Greeting customers by name like you would in a physical store, recommending products you think they will like and sending personalised messages after orders have been placed can all work to deepen the connection between you and your customers, creating a sense of loyalty.

Build your online presence

In order to impress your customers with your online shopping experience, you’ll first need to make sure they know about it. And to do that, you need to spread the word of your business via strong social media channels.

From Facebook and LinkedIn to Instagram and even TikTok, different brands will suit different channels, but the important thing is that you regularly engage with your customers, show off your personality, and offer an easy channel for customer support.

Consider a loyalty plan

For a concrete way to encourage returning business and entice new customers, loyalty programmes are a great idea. After all, everyone likes being rewarded and appreciated for spending their money.

With a loyalty plan in place, customers will find themselves returning to your business again and again, helping you establishing your niche and cement your brand over time.

Amazon is a multi-billion dollar organisation which is difficult to beat in terms of pricing and shipping, but tackling the areas in which it doesn’t excel – such as personal service, loyalty rewards and genuine connections – you can still succeed in the big wide world of online shopping.


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