Create a direct line to your customers that promotes your services and instils loyalty

A big part of getting a small business off the ground is creating a relationship between you and your customers. This is where effective marketing comes in handy, and despite the rise of social media platforms, email marketing remains the most effective way for businesses to communicate with their audience.

According to HubSpot, 4 out of 5 marketers would rather give up social media than email marketing, and it’s not hard to see why. There are 4 billion daily email users, and 31% of B2B marketers say emails are the best way to nurture new and existing leads.

With that in mind, here are six key tips to get you started with your email marketing efforts. Let’s take a look.

Make it personal

In any business, consumers want to be seen as individuals. A little personalisation can go a long way when it comes to email marketing, and can make sure your email is more likely to be opened and read.

There are plenty of ways to personalise an email. One of the easiest ways is to include your recipient’s name in the subject line. You can also personalise the email content itself to reflect your target audience.

Create subgroups

By segmenting your email lists, you can ensure that the right content is being sent to the right people. Segmentation allows you to separate your email contacts into smaller groups, based on shared interests, locations, characters and more.

Once you’ve defined your segments, you are able to send out targeted emails to different groups on your list. This helps you offer your customers relevant content that they’re more likely to pay attention to. Consider factors like interests, email purchases, demographics or behaviours, such as past purchases.

Automate your emails

Email automation ensures your customers are receiving regular updates from you, without you having to put all of your time and energy into creating emails. It saves you valuable time that you can spend on other important aspects of growing your business, all while building relationships with your audience.

Common examples of email automation in action are thank you messages when a subscriber makes a purchase, or a discount code when a subscriber abandons their cart.

Nurture relationships

It’s important that your emails aren’t all about pushing sales. This is your opportunity to talk to your customers directly, so take time to cultivate the relationship and show the human behind the brand. This requires a clear knowledge of your audience, so you can create messages that provide them with value.

Make it mobile-friendly

According to Adestra, 62% of email opens occur on mobile. That’s significantly more than the number of emails opened on any other device, including laptops and tablets. As such, it’s vital that you make sure your emails are mobile friendly.

Test your emails across multiple devices before you put them live. Simple changes like making sure your subject lines aren’t too long will help you appeal to mobile users.

Send a welcome email

First impressions matter, and that’s just as true in email marketing as it is in face-to-face meetings. If you’re not sending a welcome email to your new customers, you’re missing out on a big opportunity.

Welcome emails have the highest open rates of any email, giving you the chance to start your relationship with your new customer on the right foot. It also allows you to establish your voice and introduce your brand. Try to avoid being too salesy in this email – a simple hello can go a long way.

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