There are a number of reasons why business owners should strive to improve their organisation’s sustainability and environmental credentials. First and foremost, there is no avoiding the fact that, in 2021, everyone has a responsibility to reduce their carbon footprints, contributions to landfill and general waste. Whether it is at home or in the office, taking steps to be a little greener helps society as a whole to combat the great environmental challenges of our time.

Although it may sound a cynical move, there’s also no doubt that it is important to use those sustainability initiatives to build closer relationships with customers. Modern consumers want to know that the purchases they make are from ethical and conscientious businesses.

Of course, promoting an enterprise’s eco credentials shouldn’t be boastful or tactless. Instead, they can simply serve to build a brand’s public image as a valuable and responsible organisation.

So, if you are looking to improve your own sustainability efforts, where should you start?

Reduce energy consumption

There’s no doubt that the burning of fossil fuels is disastrous for the planet. While we all look forward to a time when renewable energy becomes the dominant source of power in the world, it still represents a small portion of energy generation in 2021.

With this in mind, cutting your consumption (and consequently reducing your energy bills) is the first step in creating a more sustainable company. From introducing more energy-efficient light fixtures to improving office insulation and even encouraging staff to turn off computers, appliances and other equipment at night can all contribute to a reduction in wasted energy.

Stop paper waste

Many offices in the UK today are going paperless. Reducing the volume of print-outs and documentation that’s produced each week will substantially cut down on paper usage and even save on printer energy in the process.

Environmentally friendly packaging

Despite a recent push to cut down on unnecessary packaging, there is no doubt that too many products still retain far too much packaging – which is quickly thrown in the bin and subsequently ends up in landfill. To combat this, try switching to sustainable, biodegradable packaging where possible and reduce wastage wherever you can.

Promote working from home

Offering remote work is one of the fastest ways to improve your business’s green credentials, as was proven over the course of the pandemic when a reduction in commuting served to dramatically improve the air quality in major cities. A reduction in commuting distance and regularity also helps to save money for employees and so it can be seen as a valuable employee benefit. That’s not to say that every organisation shouldn’t provide a place of work; just that there are environmental and social benefits to enabling work flexibility.

 If your organisation requires people to work at business premises – perhaps in manufacturing or hospitality – why not incentivise the use of public transport or cycling by providing subsidised travel tickets or investing in a Cycle2Work scheme?

Decorate with office plants

Adorning your office with indoor plants can not only help to lift the overall feel of the space, but it also helps to reduce stress for your workforce. Plants are wonderful as they boost oxygen levels and help to remove harmful pollutants from the air. According to NASA research, indoor plants can reduce 87% of air pollutants in a typical office in just 24 hours!


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