Marketing is a huge factor in small business success, so here’s how to get started the right way

For small businesses trying to find success, attracting new customers can be one of the biggest challenges you’ll face. Marketing your business effectively is absolutely key to helping your business grow. Yet without knowledge of how marketing works it can be difficult to get your head around.
Thankfully, hard work and common sense also have key roles to play when it comes to marketing. Understanding the basics required for business marketing can help you make a success of it, which is why we’re here to show you 5 simple steps for getting started.

Know your business

First things first, you need to know your business inside out. This means knowing how you fit into your industry and knowing what makes your business stand out from the crowd (also known as your USP). You need to understand your business mission and your values — what do you aim to uphold no matter what? Gaining a deeper understanding of your business will help you get to grips with what you should be shouting about through your marketing.

Know your audience

As well as understanding your business, you also need to know who you’re marketing your business to. If you already have a solid social media following, see where most of your interest and engagement comes from. If not, see who is following businesses that are similar to yours.

Determining the key demographics for your business should help to inform the content you create and the tactics you use for engagement. Is your business targeting other organisations or are you aiming to sell to consumers? Is it more appealing to a younger or older audience, or to families? Although you may feel like you’re limiting yourself, targeting specific demographics rather than the population as a whole will lead to a clearer, tailored proposition. And this is more likely to be well-received.

Set a budget and stick to it

Like many things in business, marketing requires some spend behind it. You’ll need to dedicate some money to your marketing in order to make a success of it, so make sure you know exactly how much you can afford to spend – and where to spend it. There is no use throwing money into promoting a product or post if it isn’t the content that speaks to your target audience.

One effective way to use your marketing budget is through outsourcing, especially if you aren’t confident in your own ability to market. Handing over your online presence to more capable hands will allow you to build a significant following without taking your attention away from other tasks.

Communicate, communicate, communicate!

Studies show that people shopping for goods and services online are much more likely to trust the words of other customers than the business itself. You can use this to your advantage by seeking out testimonials, referrals and recommendations from existing clients who are happy with the service they received. Use any positive comments you get on social media and turn them into testimonial posters you can post elsewhere, spreading the message that you are a high quality and trustworthy business.

Be visible and accessible

People will be far less engaged with a business if it seems like they aren’t active with their communication, so make sure your website and social media accounts have plenty of posts scheduled in. You should also aim to reply to queries and comments as quickly as possible.

A great business website can make a huge difference and gives you something to link back to on social media. Make sure your website is eye-catching, succinct and reflects your USP. You should also make sure contact information is easy to find.


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