Offices across the UK are once again opening their doors for staff, so here’s how to bring a little joy alongside the change


After what has essentially been a year of working from home, workers around the UK are finally beginning to make their return to the office. While some businesses will have swapped back to a full working week in the office, others are opting for a more flexible approach – having a few days in the office and a few days at home each week.

But however your business is tackling the office’s grand reopening, it’s important to bring an element of fun to the move. Take this opportunity to highlight all the things that are good about having an office – the comradery, the banter, the clear work/life division – and show your staff that working from home in their pyjamas isn’t always the best option.

Here are five ways to bring the fun to your office return.

Encourage office dogs

Nothing ups the mood like a dog, so if any of your staff members have a furry friend at home, let them know that you’re more than ok for them to bring them along for the day.

Office dogs can offer a huge boost to morale, creating a welcome shift in the atmosphere. After all, it’s hard to get stressed out about the little things when you have a puppy chasing its tail beside you. Just make sure none of your staff are allergic before bringing in any canine company.

Work hard, play hard

If your staff members only see you in a work context, then chances are they associate you with stress, workloads and deadlines. It’s important to remind them from time to time that you’re an actual human person who is capable of having fun, and there’s no easier way to do that than by inviting the team out for a few after-work drinks.

This is a great way to boost positivity throughout the day and bring your team together. It also gives you a chance to catch up about things that aren’t work related.

Those who work together, eat together (or at least they should)

If socialising after work isn’t an option, make the most of your free time during work by organising a communal lunch. This gives you a chance to get to know your team and enjoy a bit of chat outside of work-related tasks. Research shows that people who feel closer to their bosses on a friendly level are less likely to move to another job, so an occasional lunch together is absolutely worth the effort.


Spending eight hours a day surrounded by white walls, a white ceiling and soulless lighting is enough to drain anybody’s energy levels, so take the time to add a splash of colour and excitement to your office décor.

Even if you and your team aren’t in the office full time, chances are you’re still spending a significant amount of time there. And any space where you spend a lot of time can have an impact on your mood. Plants, cushions, mascots, rugs, wall décor and more can all be used to spice things up.

Get up and move

Whether it’s a case of setting up a bona fide running club with your staff, or simply letting them know that they are welcome to move around the office if and when they need to.

Make sure your staff know that they aren’t chained to their desks. A walk outside at lunch time, a regular stretch, or even just a few steps around the office building can all help to keep energy levels high and make sure your staff feel positive throughout the day.


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