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As any business owner will know, the to-do list is always never ending. You can spend a whole day working your socks off, only to end up with a list of tasks that’s longer than it was at the beginning of the day.

So anything that saves you a bit of extra time is great, right? After all, the most valuable currency in any business – regardless of time or industry – is time.

And it’s the little things that tend to take up the most time. Tasks like creating appointments, following up with customer service requests and checking contracts can end up eating huge chunks out of your day.

That’s why more and more entrepreneurs are choosing to automate certain aspects of their business as an effective way to save on time, effort and ultimately cost, as they are now able to focus on the things that matter most.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to automate your business services.

Create a calendar

If your business relies on appointments, you can automate your calendar services so that your clients are able to schedule themselves, granting them access to when you’re free and when you’re full booked.

Including a calendar widget on your site cuts out the middle man, giving your clients the chance to easily pick a time and date that suits their schedule, without eating into your time. Web-based scheduling software like Google Calendar can be easily embedded on any site, and will notify you when an appointment has been made.

Use bots in your customer service

Answering customer queries and concerns is an important part of any business, but chances are you often find yourself answering the same questions over and over again. Having a live chat or chatbot system set up on your website gives your customers a clear port of call for any burning questions they may have. You can use chatbots to provide quick and simple answers to some of your organisation’s FAQs on a 24/7 basis. This will help to keep your customers happy and satisfied without sacrificing your own schedule.

Of course, there will always be queries that need a more personal touch but a bot will help to triage enquiries and save your resources for the most challenging interactions.

Contract analysis and machine learning

Machine learning involves teaching software to take on some of the tasks you would normally complete. With each successful use, the machine becomes even smarter, removing the need for software updates or replacements.

One way in which this is being utilised is through analysing contracts. There is perhaps no task more demanding and monotonous than reading through the clauses and fine print of a lengthy contract, which is why contract analysis software is proving so popular. This can help you save time, providing unrivalled accuracy that leaves no room for human error or bias.

Automatic emails

Customers like to know they matter to your business, so it’s good to stay in touch regularly. However, this can take time and effort, which is why automatic emails are such a good idea. From seasonal correspondence to birthday offers, it’s easy to set up triggers that reward your customers for their loyalty with regular communication.

You can do the same thing with new customers too. You can set up email triggers to welcome them to your business, perhaps providing a welcome offer in the process too. You can then follow up with them a few weeks later, reminding them of the savings they can make.


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