Thinking outside the box can help you rack up the likes for your brand, and turn them into customers

Despite the rise of TikTok, Instagram remains one of the leading platforms for connecting with customers. 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business, according to Hootsuite, and that means brands have a direct line of communication between themselves and their shoppers. From B2B organisations like Mailchimp to customer-facing powerhouses like Airbnb, brands from every industry and discipline are making use of the go-to visual platform.

But standing out on Instagram means staying above the competition, and the best way to do that is with original, captivating and exciting content that shows off your brand personality. If your business is suffering from a creative dry spell, here are 10 kinds of Instagram posts to liven up your feed and demand your audience’s attention. Let’s take a look.


Reels are the most recent format released by Instagram post. Reels are very clearly an attempt to mimic the success of TikTok’s snapshot-video formula. But despite their arguably unoriginal origins, Reels have taken off in a big way. The current algorithm is a big fan of Reels, so make sure you utilise them in your posts.


Nothing gets people involved like a giveaway, because everyone loves the opportunity to get something for free. Consider offering a gift card – or even your bestselling product – to either a random winner or someone who correctly answers a quiz/challenge. Instagram giveaways often include liking, tagging and sharing as part of the entry requirements, meaning lots of engagement for you.


Memes are the universal language of the modern age. Whether you’re poking fun at your brand or sneakily promoting yourself through comedic content, the right meme can show a more human side of your business, which will appeal to your audience.


This includes both answering FAQs from your followers in your posts and posting a question for your followers to engage with. You might be showing off the best way to use your hero product, or asking your audience a question related to your industry. For example, a bedding retailer might ask ‘what’s the most comfortable sleep position?’ and receive a whole load of engagement from people sharing their thoughts.


If your industry is one that’s filled with misconceptions – like the beauty industry or the property market – you can use your platform to post helpful videos busting some of the most common myths. This will help you stand out as an expert in your field.


On average, carousels earn 1.4x more reach and 3.1x more engagement than single-photo posts on Instagram. Sharing multiple videos and photos give you a chance to show off some really exciting content, whether it’s a slideshow or a visual story.


You can shout about the benefits of your business all you like, but in the end no words are going to carry more weight than those of your other customers. Don’t be shy about sharing good reviews on your social media feed, as this will show prospective customers that you live up to your reputation.


Influencers are, well, influential. These individuals have spent time building a platform where their followers really care about what they have to say, and pay attention to the brands they use. Having the right influencer publicly praising your brand is a great way to widen your net, so consider reaching out to see who a potential partner could be.


Hacks are another kind of Instagram post which get a lot of attention. From industry secrets to product features, tutorials can break down the wall of mystique between you and your followers, ultimately bringing you closer to them.


Sometimes, certain types of videos become all the rage on social media, whether it’s a comedy skit template, a particular song or a dance craze. If it’s relevant to your business, consider jumping on the bandwagon.

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