Promoting entrepreneurial spirit – Winner – North Tyneside Council

Made in North Tyneside delivers innovative support services for pre-start and new businesses, changing lives through enterprise and job creation.

Made in North Tyneside was established in 2012 as a service designed to engage with local residents, particularly in the deprived areas of North Tyneside, and encourage them to explore enterprise and self-employment as a viable career option. This service has been honed, developed, tailored and continually improved to ensure maximum benefit and impact and we have now built up local communities of Business Factory alumni, real life case studies and role models. This has led to a truly entrepreneurial revival within the borough.

Self-employment in North Tyneside has grown from 6,794 people in December 2011 when the project commenced to 10,600 in December 2016. This is an increase of 3,806 additional people now self-employed since the project started which represents a growth of 56% in just 5 years. The services include advice and guidance for business start-ups, expert assistance to develop new products or services, school support, social enterprise development and help for businesses with growth potential to scale-up. Assistance is accessed through apps, online and face to face to address client needs.

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