How to Create a Culture of Creativity

While not everyone can claim that they are an ‘ideas person’, creating a culture of creativity and innovation is an important aspect of any business. Even the most niche sectors are more competitive than ever these days, which means it’s crucial to stay ahead of the game. 

Gaining a creative edge can be an effective way of setting you apart from your competitors. Whether it is developing a product the world has never seen before or simply trying new processes that your competitors haven’t thought of, working creatively and innovating is a powerful tool for any enterprise. 

Many business owners believe that they must be the driving force behind the creativity of their business. While this is true in some cases, it can be just as beneficial for an entrepreneur to put the framework in place for their staff to think and work creatively, too. As the saying goes: two heads are better than one.

In this article, we explore how you can nurture a creative mindset in your business and share the ideas that will take your company to the next level.

Build on the ‘tried and tested’

You’ve got a business formula that works, why would you want to change it? This is the outlook that many business leaders have. Yet harnessing extra creativity can help you explore new areas and, with it, new business solutions. The tried and tested tactics that you have relied on since you opened your doors may work for you, but they may not be the most productive use of your time. You don’t have to scrap processes completely, instead review and revise methods to ensure the continuous development of your enterprise. Always be aware that new software and solutions are coming to market all the time and so there is really endless scope for you to work faster, smarter and more creatively. 

Use employees on the front line

You may think that adding a creative edge to your business is a costly affair and requires you to bring in expertise in the shape of consultants and external contractors. But what about the untapped potential of those already working within your enterprise? 

Ask yourself if you have really given your staff the space to bring their own creativity to the table. Often, it is those people on the frontline of your business that have a good idea how changes could be made to improve workflow and efficiency. It may simply be that they don’t yet feel comfortable to challenge the established order of things or that you haven’t incentivised them to share fresh ideas before now.

The generation of ideas is also a great way for employees at all levels to get involved in the wider success of the organisation. While some of ideas may not be a great fit for your company at the present time, all creative employees should be acknowledged and rewarded for their input. At the very least, you should look to add suggestions to an ideas bank that can be stored and revisited at a later date.

Introduce a staff suggestion scheme

Creating a culture of inclusiveness and openness to opportunities is an important part of ensuring creativity company-wide. Staff suggestion schemes make it easy for employees to communicate and put their ideas forward. 

You don’t have to be so formal in your approach, however. Simply letting people know that you welcome new ideas is often enough and making more time for informal chats with staff can sometimes play a part in concepts being brought to the table. 

Whatever you do to encourage creativity in the workplace, be open to all feedback – both good and bad. Listen to the creative ideas and innovative approaches that materialise as a result, what you hear may just surprise you!

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