7 ways to work smarter

Succeeding in business is about working smart, not hard

If you own your own business, you’re probably constantly being told that you should be working as hard as possible. This isn’t surprising. We all know that running a business involves a huge amount of time, effort, cost and commitment, and there always seems to be a million jobs that need to be completed. Working as hard as possible seems like the logical solution to this problem, but it isn’t necessarily the right one.

We want to enlighten you to the power of working smart, not hard. Instead of putting in all those extra hours and running yourself ragged, you can become more effective in your business by focusing on what really matters. And you can start today, with these seven simple tips.

7 ways to work smarter
Measure by results, not by time

When it comes to being productive, we often fall back on measuring tasks by how long they take to complete. Research from the Behance team found that “placing importance on hours and physical presence over action leads to a culture of inefficiency.” Measuring your day in completed lists of tasks rather than in time spent ‘working’ will make you more productive.

Streamline and trim the fat

A big project always involves a lot of little tasks that need to be done, and starting out can feel like you have endless jobs that need ticking off. But don’t get bogged down by the small stuff. Instead, limit your to-do list to 3-5 of your most pressing tasks.

Adjust your attitude

It’s no surprise that we work most effectively when we have a positive attitude to the task at hand. Get rid of the cliché that stress and panic will make you work faster, and instead use a good attitude to set high standards and take responsibility for your undertakings.

Create a routine, then stick to it

We are creatures of habit, and nowhere is this more important than at work. Owning your own business doesn’t mean you should be working or slacking whenever you want. A daily schedule will help teach your mind to focus at the most crucial part of the day.


Whatever your role or business specialises in, there will always come a time when you have to work with others. And even if you’re not working directly with them, as an employer you will often need to pass information and feedback on to your team. Be sure to do so in a detailed way which sticks to the point, offering both constructive criticism and praise when it’s due, and explaining tasks thoroughly.

Embrace your automatic pilot

This might sound odd, because we all know how important it is to focus on the task at hand. However, sometimes being too immersed in a task results in you constantly questioning and doubting yourself. Instead, build routines and habits so that you can remove indecision when necessary.

Automatic pilot is natural frame of mind which we all slip into at one time or another, so create structures to help you stay productive during these periods. The same is true of procrastination. We all procrastinate, so why not procrastinate on other tasks which still need to be done? This is the business equivalent of cleaning your room to avoid doing your homework — at least you’re doing something.

Stop multitasking

We all like to believe we’re masters of multitasking, but in reality we’re not really cut out for completing more than one thing at a time. Switching from task to task means that you’re not actually giving each individual task the attention it deserves. It might make you feel more productive to tackle several different things at once, but it also splits your focus and your energy, leading to a less polished finished product.


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