5 ways to improve your company’s LinkedIn profile

Here’s how your business can stake its claim on the world’s biggest B2B social platform

In today’s business market, it is impossible to ignore the importance of getting your business seen and heard online. LinkedIn is the world’s biggest social media platform for businesses, and is rapidly replacing headhunting and email exchanges as a popular way of recruiting staff and making connections by providing direct access to professionals at all levels in a variety of industries.

A strong presence on LinkedIn can significantly increase your brand awareness, as well as helping you establish valuable networking opportunities. But with over 460 million members using the site, how can you ensure that your business stands out on LinkedIn? Don’t worry, we’re here with 5 ways you can improve your company’s LinkedIn profile.


Communicate with your audience

Your LinkedIn company description is likely to be the first thing potential clients read about your business, so make sure you include text which highlights your brand’s personality, message and USP. Think about what might be important to a consumer who is interested in your business — what makes you stand out from the crowd and what benefits can you offer them? Speak directly to the people who visit your page, and tailor your copy to their interests.

Of course, in order to communicate with your audience you first need to know who your audience is. By exploring past clients, recent site visitors, social media followers and competitor followers, you can gain a wider understanding of the demographics interested in your business.

Share news that’s relevant to your industry

When browsing LinkedIn, most people are looking for expertise, so your page is a chance to show off how much you know about your industry. Your profile is a fantastic opportunity to build legitimacy and trust by sharing your company’s achievements and milestones, proving that your business is the real deal.

Create unique content

Simply put, a great LinkedIn profile needs great content. Your posts need to be concise, regular and relevant to your audience. This will help you catch their attention and keep them engaged, and once you’ve established your business page as a great source of content you’ll find yourself getting more and more returning visitors who are much more likely to be converted into customers. Aim for healthy mix of different kinds of content: images, videos, blog posts, company updates, industry news and general commentary on current events relating to your business.

Use keywords

It’s no use having great content if nobody actually reads it. SEO is a huge part of producing successful online content, and your LinkedIn profile is a chance to use this to your advantage. Find keywords relevant to your industry and incorporate them into your content and posts, helping more interested parties find your business easily. If you’re unsure how to master the world of SEO and social media, you can always outsource the task to experts.

Make use of LinkedIn analytics

Analytics will not only help you understand who your audience are, but they can also determine which kinds of content are getting the most positive reaction and engagement. Key information about your demographic will allow you to communicate directly to them, maximising your chances of peaking their interest. You can then evaluate how your content is doing and gain a clearer understanding of which content is the most successful. This will help you curate successful future content based on past performance, therefore meeting goals and evolving your key demographic.


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