10 ways to use new tech in business

With technology advancing at a rapid rate, there are always new innovations on the horizon for your business to take advantage of.

But how do you know which tech might be well suited or important to your business? Here are 10 fool proof ways to boost your company profile with new tech.

Virtual data rooms

Virtual data rooms help keep your company data safe and protected, which should be the number one priority for all small business owners. Virtual data rooms allow you to keep your assets and sensitive documentation stored in the cloud as part of a safe and secure environment.

Improved security

There are other small ways you can improve the security surrounding your business to keep your company data safe. Factors like controlling admin access, exploring cyberinsurance policies or layering your security software all add further protection.

Segment your audience

Tech can be used for a lot more than security, of course. Use CRM systems or similar tools to segment your audience, producing more tailored content in the process. This will increase conversions and help you make more sales by giving people the information, advice or sales pitch that is most relevant to them.

Build a chatbot

Most chatbots use a mix of A.I. and simple, scripted responses to help customers through queries – this frees up your time for creating more exciting, interactive content. By 2020, it’s estimated that customers will manage 85% of business relationships without human interaction, and chatbots are one of the fastest-growing techniques for saving time when dealing with FAQs and other enquiries.


Search Engine Optimisation has been around for a while, but search engines are constantly evolving and changing when it comes to determining the best results to show users first. Make sure you research around the topic and know the kinds of keywords you need to be included in your content in order to get it seen.

Nurturing emails

Despite the rise of social media and other forms of communication, email marketing remains a powerful way to contact consumers. In fact, email marketing is still 40 times more likely to get you a new customer than Facebook or Twitter. Nurturing emails are those which sound personal to readers, and pinpoint their individual interests.

Data mining

Now that there is so much data out there for businesses to soak up, it can be difficult to prioritise. Making sure you have a strong starting ethos is vital, as this will help you make informed data decisions.

Avoiding online scams

You can use the vast amount of services and businesses out there to get more savvy when it comes to weeding out those agencies that aren’t all they say they are. The huge rise in online marketing has been great for businesses on the whole, but it has created an underworld of shams and scammers. Look out for those who promise to do every service available for very little or no money. As always, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Web traffic

There’s a good reason that so many businesses now rely on their web presence to help support their business activities. A strong website and social media presence can help generate leads, showcase services and reflect reliability and customer satisfaction.

Boosted engagement with Facebook

Marketing was traditionally considered to be a drain on funds. But social media has become a low-cost solution for millions of businesses looking to establish a direct line to both current and prospective customers.


Using tech can help improve your business in all sorts of ways, but sometimes speaking to another person is the best course of action

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